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frequently asked questions:

what is the main purpose of premier properties only?

the main concept behind the design of premier properties only is to show viewers 3 to 7 beautiful full size photos of a luxury property and have the viewer develop an interest and contact the seller.

if i see a home or property i am interested in knowing more about, what do i do?

you will have a direct e-mail contact submit form to the realtor or private seller representing the property, you can contact them directly and privately.

who can list a property on the web site?

premier properties only is available to realtors, brokers, real estate developers, architects and private sellers or for sale by owner.

how long will a property be listed on premier properties only?

all properties are listed on the site until they sell, whether it is a year, 18 months, or two years, however if the property sells much sooner than expected we will add another property in its place for real estate agents and brokers.

how many photos can i use? what are the best photos to use?

we believe 5 - 7 photos creates a nice presentaion of the property. the best photos are 2 of the home from the exterior, the views from the home and the scenery, be it mountains or waterfront, and 3 photos of key rooms in the home.

will you link back to my web site as a realtor or private seller?

yes, we will link a few pages of each property presentaion to your site encouraging viewers to click through to your detailed web site. we want potential buyers to see your web site and additional details listed there. we want to bring you visitors. on the internet.

how many photos do you place on each page of the property presentation?

we use one large photo per page so the viewer can really see the home or estate. each page of your property presentation will load faster on the viewer's screen with only one photo and the viewer will go through the entire presentation of the property, rather than continually waiting and then clicking off.

who writes the text description of each photo?

you supply us with the text you want to go with each photo. however we will edit or assist you in writing the description of each photo when needed.

where is the listing fees and pricing information on premier properties only?

1.) if you are a private seller with one home or estate to sell, please click on private seller fees.

2.) if you area realtor, real estate brokerage or a real estate developer with one or more luxury homes or properties to showcase, please click on realtor listing fees.

if our office or offices would like to place several luxury properties on premier properties only is there any special pricing discounts or options?

yes, please e-mail premier properties only in detail describing your particular situation and needs. we can then continue discussions by phone, please e-mailto;

attn webmaster and siteowner h. .

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